Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of an institution is Venus International Foundation?

Founded in January 2015, Venus International Foundation (VIF) has a history and traditions. The office is located in the historic city of Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal and is the biggest commercial, cultural, economic, educational and industrial centre in South India.

At present, VIF is comprised of 3 Centres and 1 institute. Since July 2015, the VIF has been dedicated to furthering Scientific and Industrial Meetings in a Cordial and Collaborative Setting. Delegates of the Meetings play important roles in both national and international affairs, as key players in Instituions, Industry, and Society.

Approximately 2700 Professionals choose to join us. With delegates from approximately 25 different countries and regions, the Foundation’s meetings boast a rich cultural diversity.

Q2. Where is the Venus International Foundation Headquarters?

The Venus International Foundation Headquarters is located at the Ganesh Nagar Main Road, Adambakkam, Chennai - 600088, Tamilnadu, India.

Land Mark: Near Brindhavan Nagar - Near G. K. Shetty Higher Secondary School - Near BSNL Exchange It is the physical address since inception.

Adambakkam is part of Chennai city located on the east coast of South India is close to the Chennai Airport - 6 Km and Central Railway Station - 16 Km

Note: The foundation headquarters functions in a 505 sq. ft. unfurnished rental building.

Q3. What is Meetings Industry?

The Meetings Industry - Integrating Education and Entertainment.

Today, convergence is the new innovation. The emerging millennial professionals are hungry to learn and meet new contacts, which drives personal and professional development.

Gathering likeminded professionals together with a common interest and specific objectives in one place at one time, with expert thinkers from Government, Industry and Academia enhances globalization and emerge as a knowledge and innovation hub, that serves as an important part of learning and developing new skills (beyond the immediate economic impact).

The term 'Meeting Industry' is fairly new in its use and in comparison to other industries, it is relatively young but a fast growing, international and dynamic industry.

Q4. What a participant will get out of attending a VIF Meeting ?

The VIF conducts multidisciplinary meetings to engage attendees in new ways on different levels and Connecting People to People People to Ideas People with Markets People with Opportunity

Following are the benefits of attending a VIF Meeting: Experiential Learning - Networking - Motivation and Celebration - Fun and Relaxation

Q5. What kind of Meetings are organized by VIF?

VIF, via its different centres, organizes numerous multidisciplinary meetings. VIF meetings bringing together leading Clinicians, Dentists, Engineers, Faculty Members, Healthcare Professionals, Industry Leaders and Policy Makers, Scientists and Technologists to discuss critical issues and challenges.

The aim is to empower Professionals to become more involved in their filed and leveraging their expertise.

Q6. How much is the Registration fee to attend the VIF Meetings?

VIF Meetings are self-supporting and the registration fee are the major source of revenue for conducting the same. All the (Administrative - Materials and Hall - Service Tax and Accounting - Website Design and Maintenance) Expenses are covered by the event income and Foundation operating funds.

Registration Fee for delegates working in Foreign Institutions and Indian Institutions will be given in the concern Meeting Webpage.

Q7. How to Apply for Awards?

The Venus International Foundation Recognize Extraordinary Professionals who are committed to extensive research expertise and services through its coveted Award Schemes. These awards (Certificate and Memento/It's a Non-financial Award) are presented yearly during the Annual Meetings.

The scheme has a criteria, standards, policy, nomination application, expert committee and judging process etc that are governed by the Board of Trust. The process for Awards commences with the release of “Call for Nominations”.

General Eligibility: The award is applicable to the professionals of any nationality in the age group of 29 - 75 years. The nominee must have completed a recognized qualification or its equivalent. General information, eligibility details, award policy document and formats will be available electronically on the official website of the Meeting

Q8. What are the Award Process?

This section describes the typical processes in steps.

Step - 1: Nomination papers will be sent for screening process (preliminary selection)

Step - 2: Acknowledgement intimation will be communicated to the Nominee

Step - 3: The Award Commitee may ask the proof for the credits mentioned in the CV. (Optional)

Step - 4: Cross verifying the data submitted & forwarding it to the Committee

Step - 5: The selected nominees will be communicated via a formal letter via mail

Step - 6: Meeting Registration Process

Step - 7: Release of the winners list in the official webpage

Step - 8: Award Presentation Ceremony

Step - 9: Summary of the Meet will be floated in the official webpage

Step - 10: Exclusive Webpage for the Award Winner Profile will be released