7th Annual Women's Meet

Dr. Namrata Gaur

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Rishikesh, India

6th Annual Women's Meet – AWM 2021

Dr. Hanan Taleb

British University in Dubai, UAE

5th Annual Women's Meet – AWM 2020

Professor Sierin LIM

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

4th Annual Women's Meet – AWM 2019

Dr. Mukta Bansal

Nanyang Technological University

3rd Annual Women's Meet – AWM 2018

Dr. Shefaly Shorey

National University of Singapore, Singapore

2nd Annual Women's Meet – AWM 2017

5 March 2022 at Green Park Chennai

Energize and Build next generation Women in Science and Technology

Welcome to the official webpage of the 7th Annual Women's Meet! The 6th Annual Women's Meet – AWM 2022 is convened by the Centre for Advanced Research and Design of Venus International Foundation and will be conducted in accordance with the VIF BOARD MEETING resolution.

Only around 30% of the world’s researchers are women and they publish less and paid less. To reduce this gap, we must go beyond and identify the qualitative factors that deter women from advancing in research. Women advocating for women is very much essential in all disciplines. The AWM provides a unique platform to have the voice of women researchers to raise broad awareness to the potential of the female intellectualism. It promotes integration of women in Science and Technology.

The AWM 2022 (Event Code: WM22EN06SN–032 | Type: Scientific Workshop) invites women researchers and faculty members working in Institutions of Academic (Autonomous / Affiliated College or University), Industrial, Government, or Private and in the frontiers of Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Health and Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Science, Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

    Theme: To Engage, Inspire, Energize and Build next generation Women in Science and Technology

AWM 2022 Program

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    General Chair
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    Dr. T. R. Ganeshbabu
    Publications Chair
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